Current MI Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage Laws Upheld

As of December 2022, the decision over whether or not the Michigan Legislature had the constitutional authority to adopt two ballot initiatives on the paid sick leave and minimum wage legal battles in 2018 and then amend the language of those laws in the same legislative session rested in the hands of the Michigan Court of Appeals. Last week, the three-judge panel ruled unanimously that there is no express language in the Michigan Constitution banning the Legislature from doing what it did, stating, “The constitutional convention record squarely supports the conclusion that there was no intention to place a temporal limit on when the Legislature could amend initiated laws enacted by the Legislature.”

This decision allows the current versions of both the minimum wage law and the paid sick leave law to stand. The Circuit Court’s previous ruling and subsequent stay deadline of 2/19/23 are overturned, and no changes are required at time. This decision will be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, but there is no word yet on when that might occur or whether or not the Supremes will even decide to hear the case.  Tune in below to learn more!