MDHHS Recognizes First Social Determinants of Health Month in January

Statewide summit to take place Jan. 24-26

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is bringing partners together across the state in recognition of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) month in January. MDHHS will host events throughout the month to highlight statewide efforts and offer a virtual SDOH Summit Jan. 24-26. Phase II of the MDHHS Social Determinants of Health Strategy, Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities, will also be released.

Throughout the month, local, state and federal partners will highlight their efforts to address social factors that impact health. The goal of the month is to improve awareness of current resources for residents, highlight successful community driven solutions and develop stronger partnerships to support a greater impact in community.

“Inequities in health outcomes in Michigan have been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said MDHHS Director Elizabeth Hertel. “These inequities arise from complex, integrated and overlapping social structures, economic systems and policies, rather than individual risk factors. MDHHS is excited to release Phase II of the MDHHS Social Determinants of Health Strategy, Michigan’s Roadmap to Healthy Communities during SDOH month, which focuses on the importance of multisector partnerships and other holistic strategies to improve health outcomes in Michigan.”

Disparities in SDOH unfairly disadvantage individuals and contribute to persistent and preventable health inequities. MDHHS promotes the health, safety and stability of residents by providing services and administering programs and policies that positively improve the social determinants of health.

“When it comes to health, many people in Michigan face significant barriers. These barriers, including limited access to healthy food, unsafe housing or lack of transportation which can impact a person’s ability to make healthy decisions and affect how healthy they are,” said MDHHS policy and planning director Ninah Sasy. “Through the SDOH Strategy, we are addressing these inequities by ensuring that we have diverse voices at the table as we improve our programs and policies.”

If interested in attending, register for the summit and share efforts from your community.

Are there local efforts to address SDOH happening in your community? Please share and email MDHHS at To stay updated on SDOH efforts in Michigan and learn more about how you can participate in SDOH month, sign up for the SDOH newsletter or visit