Mental Health Awareness Month  

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) reflects on the resilience and dedication of physicians, residents, medical students, and other health team members. Their commitment to providing vital care day-in and day-out is truly commendable. In order to navigate the complexities of modern existence, it is crucial to understand that caring for one’s mental health is as vital as caring for one’s physical well-being.

MSMS has collected a comprehensive array of resources intended to support and promote mental well-being for physicians and other healthcare professionals, their support networks, and their patients. Mental Health Awareness month offers an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the significance of encouraging open conversations, reducing stigma, and promoting access to resources for those in need. Fostering a culture where mental health is valued, supported, and celebrated is paramount in the journey towards greater overall wellness. Let us traverse this path together, ensuring that our collective well-being remains a top priority. 

Education and General Resources 

AMA Resources  

Pediatric Mental Health Resources 

Student Mental Health Resources 

Additional Resources