MSMS Brings Medical and Community Leaders Together at Regional Health Equity Summit

The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) today hosted the first of three regional health equity summits. Today’s summit brought together clinicians, local officials, community service providers and representatives from various health systems, and community health center and neighborhood organizations for wide-ranging discussion on how to advance health equity and general health and well-being for families, neighborhoods, and communities throughout the region.    

“Today’s summit provided an excellent opportunity for community leaders to come together for a discussion on how to make meaningful progress towards the goals we all share,” said Theodore Jones, MD, Chair, MSMS Task Force on Advancing Health Equity. “I feel like we’ve made real strides today in our efforts to move from conversations to action on how to promote health equity and eliminate the disparities that exist in the world of health care.”

The Regional Health Equity Summit featured discussions, learning and collaboration on topics such as rebuilding trust in the medical profession, how to best mitigate gaps currently hindering the ability to achieve improved outcomes and equity in health care, and what “best practices” protocols and community linkages must be in place to be successful in addressing the social determinants of health. Participants also had the opportunity to build consensus about areas for further research, practice change and collaboration to further advance health equity.

“We were thrilled to host this event and facilitate these important conversations that will undoubtedly lead to action and improved health outcomes for communities throughout the state,” said Doctor Jones  “Our hope is that today’s participates left today’s summit feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to move forward in their efforts to help advance health equity in their communities.”