MSMS Praises Governor Whitmer and State Lawmakers for Enacting Gun Safety Reforms

The following is a public statement from Thomas Veverka, MD, FACS, president of the Michigan State Medical Society, in response to Governor Whitmer signing Senate Bills 79-82 and House Bills 4138, 4142 and 4143 into law—a legislative package implementing policies on safe firearm storage, sales and use tax exemption for firearm safety devices, and expanded background checks for firearm sales.

“On behalf of the Michigan State Medical Society, I would like to praise both Governor Whitmer and our state’s lawmakers for implementing a set of commonsense gun reforms that will undoubtedly help reduce the number of senseless injuries and deaths that invariably come with firearm tragedies. 

“As one of the main causes of injuries and death in this country, the unfortunate reality is that far too many physicians are all too familiar with the scope of the consequences, heartache, and irreparable damage brought on by gun violence. And on the heels of two mass shootings here in Michigan, first at Oxford High School in Oakland County and then most recently on the campus of Michigan State University, the lethal toll associated with firearm tragedies and the need for serious reform has never been more blatantly clear.

“These kinds of disasters have always been preventable, which is why MSMS has always been outspoken in calling on our legislators and decision-makers at both the state and federal level to fully commit themselves to finding and implementing the kind of comprehensive, evidence-based solutions this public health crisis demands. With these gun safety measures being signed into law, we’re hopeful and optimistic that we’re finally on the road to making needless gun violence a thing of the past.”