Operation Breast Density Upcoming Breast Cancer Screening Symposium

Operation Breast Density is a 501c3 Nonprofit that is dedicated to breast cancer and breast density education. Forty percent of women have dense breast tissue and dense breast tissue is a significant factor to the development of breast cancer. In addition, screening mammography can miss a breast cancer diagnosis in women with dense breast 40%-50% of the time. Therefore, this is a significant health care disparity that many women are facing. This Breast Cancer Screening Symposium is an effort to educate on this issue and to provide guidance to practitioners screening women for breast cancer.

Operation Breast Density’s inaugural Breast Cancer Screening Symposium will be an educational Series taking a more individualized patient centered approach to Breast Cancer Screening. Its focus will be on breast density education and an understanding of the challenges that come with imaging women with dense breast.

The event will be held on Saturday February 18th 2023 from 10am -2pm at the MSU Management Education Center located at 811 W Square Lake Road, Troy MI 48098.  Registration, Breakfast and vendors available starting at 9:30 am.

The symposiums target audience is clinicians that commonly screen for breast cancer such as family medicine, internal medicine, and obstetrics & gynecology physicians as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants in those fields. 

The symposium will provide opportunity for 3 hours of continued medical education credit for physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistance that attend.

There will be a continental breakfast provided along with mid-day refreshments and beverages.

There will also be vendors at that event that focus on breast cancer support as well as women’s health and wellness. These vendors provide a variety of services to the community and are important resources that medical clinicians can refer their patients too. Vendors include several local breast cancer nonprofit organizations that provide financial aid to patients in need. In addition, there will be a nutritionist, IV infusion and wellness company, physical therapy specialists and many more.

Please join us for this educational opportunity that will enhance the breast cancer screening process to find breast cancers earlier and therefore increase breast cancer survival overall.