Exciting New Ways to Connect with the World of Medicine in Michigan

The concept that the only constant is change dates back to the ancient Greeks. Sometimes this is noted with a touch of wistfulness, other times with a whiff of excitement in the air. Over the 158 years of the Michigan State Medical Society we have seen a lot of change. Germ theory was not broadly accepted when MSMS was founded! One thing that has always remained the same is our steadfast commitment to protecting and representing physicians. Of course, we do that much differently now than we did in the 1800s—and we plan to keep evolving for the next century and beyond.

For many years, we have used the Michigan Medicine publication to share educational and thought-provoking articles on a wide variety of topics affecting Michigan’s physicians. We will always deliver that content, but going forward we are going to move away from the magazine format and toward sharing news through a multitude of electronic platforms.

In today’s busy world, many of you may not have the luxury of time to sit and flip through an entire physical or electronic magazine. We’ve heard from our members that being able to access our wealth of knowledge through email news publications, social media, as well as our website, is invaluable. So, make sure you are subscribed to our emails and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We will be there, like we have always been, with some small changes to better meet you where you are.