Medical Student Dues Sponsorship Opportunities

Due to the budget challenges MSMS has faced in the last few years, significant work has been done to reduce costs and increase revenue.  One area that MSMS had to make an adjustment was medical student membership dues.  For years, medical students have paid $5 for a four-year membership with MSMS.  The expenses MSMS has covered have greatly exceeded the revenue from student membership dues.  The decision was made to increase the medical student dues to $300/four-year membership or $100/one-year membership.

MSMS realizes this increase may be cost-prohibitive to some of the medical students, both current, and potential new members.  In order to help offset this increased cost, for those that request assistance, the MSMS Foundation is offering a dues sponsorship.

If you would like to sponsor one or more medical student memberships, and make a donation, please visit