Inaugural MSMS Public Policy Fellow

Personal Statement from Karissa H. Konwerski

As the inaugural Michigan State Medical Societies (MSMS) Public Policy Fellow, I embarked on a transformative journey that provided a unique opportunity to explore the intricate intersections of health policy and patient advocacy. Engaging in diverse and active policy initiatives throughout the fellowship, I gained a profound understanding of MSMS’s impactful work. This experience deepened my comprehension of health policy dynamics and empowered me to advocate for change, not only within Michigan communities but also on a global scale. Building on the foundation of this MSMS public policy fellowship, my role as a future physician now extends beyond clinical practice, encompassing a broader commitment to shaping a more equitable and inclusive healthcare landscape for all.

I extend my gratitude to Dr. Tom George and the Central Michigan University College of Medicine for granting me such a distinctive and esteemed opportunity.

Karissa H. Konwerski, a third-year medical student at Central Michigan University College of Medicine, eagerly anticipates her application for an Emergency Medicine residency in 2025.