Why MSMS Physicians Insurance Agency?

MSMS Physicians Insurance Agency began business operations in 1988.  Is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan State Medical Society and is considered a physician’s single source for any kind of insurance- professional or personal. We are a trusted partner providing insurance solutions for physicians, their families and employees.

Physician Focused

The insurance products available are tailored to the needs of physicians.   No other agency can provide you with the services, the choices and the expertise that MSMS gives its members.

Support your Association

Your coverage though MSMS Physicians Insurance Agency supports and helps to protect your professional society, the Michigan State Medical Society. 

  • MSMS advocates for physicians in the state and federal legislature
  • defends patients
  • protects public health and Medicaid funding, scope of practice and tort reform
  • collaborates with third party payers like Blue Cross
  • provide practice resources
  • reimbursement/coding assistance
  • provide education CME at discounted rates


Exclusive discounts on professional liability coverage

Time Savings for your Practice

MSMS Physicians Insurance Agency can save time by accessing insurers systems directly to add, terminate or change a subscriber’s information within 24 hours.  This removes the administrative burden on you and your staff.  We provide COBRA Administration to groups of 20 or more.

Contact MSMS Physicians Insurance Agency:

Toll-Free 877-PIA-ASK-US (877-742-2758)

Website:  msmsinsurance.org

Email:  msms@msmsinsurance.org