MSMS’ Successful Advocacy Day

Members of the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) recently made a significant impact on healthcare advocacy during their visit to the Capitol for Advocacy Day. This dedicated group of physicians engaged with a total of 17 legislators from both the House and Senate, showcasing the bipartisan nature of their mission. During their meetings, the physicians addressed crucial healthcare issues, including Step Therapy Reform, Telehealth Coverage and Payment Parity, Scope of Practice, and the Prescription Drug Affordability Board. Through these discussions, they were able to provide valuable insights into how these issues directly affect their medical practices and patients, emphasizing the real-world consequences of legislative decisions made in Lansing.

The physicians’ Advocacy Day efforts were a testament to their commitment to improving healthcare in Michigan. They articulated the challenges they face and the critical need for legislative reforms in various healthcare domains. These interactions with legislators not only provided a platform for meaningful dialogue but also strengthened the bonds between healthcare professionals and policymakers. Importantly, Advocacy Day served as a reminder that MSMS’s dedication to healthcare advocacy extends beyond this annual event, with the organization actively working in Lansing throughout the year to shape policies that benefit both physicians and patients.

In recognition of the doctors who participated in Advocacy Day, we extend our gratitude for their tireless efforts to promote positive change in Michigan’s healthcare landscape. For those who may have missed the event, there remains an opportunity to support these government relations endeavors by contributing to the Michigan Doctors’ PAC at Advocacy Day may occur once a year, but MSMS’s unwavering commitment to healthcare advocacy ensures that progress continues year-round, making Michigan’s healthcare system better for everyone.