Special Inside the Dome – MSMS Budget Update

Work in the Michigan Legislature continued at a breakneck pace this week as state lawmakers attempted to complete the FY 23-24 budget, while also wrapping up lingering policy priorities from the first six months of the term, before adjourning for their summer in-district work period. 

More detailed analysis of the budget and legislative initiatives will be available in July’s edition of Inside the Dome. The following is a brief overview of key actions taken in the final days of June.

Sent to the Governor:

  • A DHHS budget including:
    • New investments in behavioral and public health funding, as well significant increases in maternal and child health programming
    • Funding to end the five-year waiting period for legal migrants to obtain Medicaid services
    • Elimination of the prohibition of DHHS contracting with an organization that provides abortion services
    • Continuation of the $65 million primary care uplift that MSMS supported during the last budget cycle 
    • A $73.8 million Medicaid uplift for Professional Services
  • Bills outlawing child marriage 
  • Legislation removing an elimination trigger from the Healthy Michigan Plan 
  • Bills banning conversion therapy 
  • Legislation to prevent sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment

Approved by the House:

  • Medical personnel assault prevention bills 
  • Bills codifying federal health care protections

Exactly what policy priorities the Legislature will take up when they next return in September remains up for debate, but you can rest assured that MSMS will be there to monitor and advocate for physicians every step of the way.