Michigan Impacts National Policy at the AMA Annual Meeting

This Michigan Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) diligently represented Michigan physicians at the AMA’s Annual Meeting held June 9-14, 2023, in Chicago. The Annual Meeting is a combination of elections and policy making. Delegation members joined more than 650 physicians, residents and medical students to consider, debate, and act upon nearly 300 items of business (e.g., resolutions and reports). Decisions made at the meeting help fulfill the AMA’s core mission of promoting medicine and improving public health.

Leadership for the Michigan Delegation includes Mark C. Komorowski, MD, Chair; Christie L. Morgan, MD, Vice Chair; and Courtland Keteyian, MD, MBA, MPH, Secretary/Treasurer.

Pino D. Colone, MD, ran for Vice Speaker in an extremely competitive four-person race. Doctor Colone’s campaign was well-run with positive messaging regarding his qualifications and goals. Although he garnered much praise and admiration for his commitment, preparation, and integrity, the final vote was not in his favor. At the conclusion of the meeting, Bobby Mukkamala, MD, announced his candidacy for President-elect in 2024.

On the policy side, the Michigan Delegation was busy coordinating positions on and testimony for resolutions assigned to the eight reference committees: Constitution and Bylaws, Medical service (A), Legislation (B), Medical Education (C), Public Health (D), Science and technology (E), AMA Governance and Finance (F), and Medical Practice (G). Additionally, Michigan submitted eight resolutions which were well-received. Michigan’s resolutions are listed below.

David T. Walsworth, MD, served as Chair of Reference Committee C (Medical Education), while E. Chris Bush, MD, Theodore B. Jones, MD, and Courtland Keteyian, MD, served on Reference Committees B, G, and A, respectively.

For highlights from the AMA Special Meeting, visit the AMA’s website here. If you have questions regarding the Michigan Delegation to the AMA, please contact Stacey P. Hettiger at shettiger@msms.org.

Michigan’s 2023 Annual Meeting Resolutions

Res #TitleAction
226 (A-23)  Vision Qualifications for Driver’s License  Adopted as amended to read as follows:   RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association support efforts to standardize vision requirements for unrestricted and restricted driver’s licensing privileges. (New HOD Policy)
227 (A-23)  Reimbursement for Postpartum Depression Prevention  Adopted as amended to read as follows:   Improving Mental Health Services for Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers H-420.953 Our AMA: (1) supports improvements in current mental health services during pregnancy and postpartum periods; (2) supports advocacy for inclusive insurance coverage of and sufficient payment for mental health services during gestation, and extension of postpartum mental health services coverage to one year postpartum; (3) supports appropriate organizations working to improve awareness and education among patients, families, and providers of the risks of mental illness during gestation and postpartum; (4) will continue to advocate for funding programs that address perinatal and postpartum depression, anxiety and psychosis, and substance use disorder through research, public awareness, and support programs; and (5) will advocate for evidence-based postpartum depression screening and prevention services to be recognized as the standard of care for all federally-funded health care programs for persons who are pregnant or in a postpartum state. (Modify Current HOD Policy)
228 (A-23)  Reducing Stigma for Treatment of Substance Use DisorderAMA Policy D-95.968 was adopted as amended in lieu of Resolution 228 to read as follows:   Support the Elimination of Barriers to Evidence-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorders D-95.968   1. Our AMA will: (a) advocate for legislation that eliminates barriers to, increases funding for, and requires access to all appropriate FDA-approved medications or therapies used by licensed drug treatment clinics or facilities; and (b) develop a public awareness campaign to increase awareness that medical treatment of substance use disorder with medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and other evidence-based options as first-line treatments for this chronic medical disease.     2. Our AMA supports further research into how primary care practices can implement MOUD into their practices and disseminate such research in coordination with primary care specialties.     3. The AMA Substance Use and Pain Care Task Force will increase its evidence-based educational resources focused on methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) and publicize those resources to the Federation.    4. Our AMA supports increased access to affordable, accessible transportation for individuals to obtain evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders. (Modify Current HOD Policy)
229 (A-23)  Firearm Regulation for Persons Charged with or Convicted of Violent OffenseAMA Policies H-515.979 and H-145.997 reaffirmed in lieu of Resolution 229.
230 (A-23)  Address Disproportionate Sentencing for Drug OffensesAdopted as amended to read as follows:   RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association support federal and state efforts t to eliminate the national crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity (from 18:1 to 1:1) and apply them retroactively to those already convicted or sentenced. (New HOD Policy)
231 (A-23)  Equitable Interpreter Services and Fair ReimbursementAMA Policies D-385.957,D-385.946, H-385.928, H-160.924, H-385.928, and H-385.917 reaffirmed in lieu of Resolution 231.
315 (A-23)  Prohibit Discriminatory ERAS® Filters In NRMP Match  Alternate Resolution 313 adopted in lieu of Resolutions 313 and 315, to read as follows:   RESOLVED, That our AMA recognize the exclusion of certain residency applicants from consideration, such as international medical graduates (New HOD Policy); and be it further   RESOLVED, That our AMA oppose discriminatory use of filters designed to inequitably screen applicants, including international medical graduates, using the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) system. (Directive to Take Action)  
710 (A-23)  Protect Patients With Medical Debt BurdenReferred with the following rationale:   “Testimony was supportive of the spirit of both Resolution 710 and 712. Your Reference Committee recommends considering these items in tandem, as they are related. Although we agree with testimony that this issue is timely and crucial for our patients, it would be best served by a comprehensive study to develop appropriate policies. Testimony noted that the topic is complicated and nuanced and needs to be studied further so the most optimal and actionable policy can be crafted. During testimony, the Council on Medical Service supported referral of both items and indicated the Council would be willing to study this issue if it was assigned to them.”